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Students must write coursework at the period of studding process. You have to way to deal with this responsible. Keep in mind that you will require not only to write the text well and correctly to reveal the given topic, but also to have a correct structure of your coursework. Professors give coursework back to students if their structure is not correct. Often, students immediately get a reduced score due to inappropriate structure. Remember a few key points and take the time to get your coursework done correctly.

General recommendations.

Introduction reveals goals and objectives of the work, examines its structure, gives an overview of the literature, and affects the thesis statement.

The main part contains the text of work. It must be consistent, coherently developed and composed in accordance with the topic of its literature, your own observations. It is desirable to divide the main part of the coursework into 2-4 chapters, and divide the chapters into paragraphs (2-5 for one). So, your text will be perceived much better.

The conclusion must conclude all you have written, summarize it. Give recommendations on the pragmatic use of your research; tell us about your observations. Just do not copy the text, write your conclusion in other words.

The list of used literature may include scholarly works and other materials that you did not refer to in the text. The literature, which you have used in your coursework, should be necessarily included in the list. You will need to arrange it in full accordance with the requirements of your university.

Check size of your coursework. Typically, coursework has a volume of 25 to 40 pages. This space should be enough to consider the problem, your own considerations, thoughts and perceptions about the theme. Even if your topic does not include the practical part, be sure to include your facial observations, thoughts, and conclusions in your coursework.

Sufficient volume of entry – 2-3 pages. The conclusion is desirable to expand at least to 3 pages, because it includes your perceptions on the topic, reflects the practical value of the work.

In any case, you need to converse with your supervisor about organization. It may be different.

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